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The Meso Foundation connects the brightest minds in Central America to educators, local businesses, international brands, and people like you – people who believe a prosperous Guatemala is just around the corner.

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We are dedicated to empowering the native people of Guatemala.

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Our schools in Guatemala’s Central Highlands have built a reputation for preparing students for success in college, but our work doesn’t end with graduation. Mayan communities are often filled with brilliant, well-educated people who finish school and find no opportunities to leave poverty behind. Together, we can bring those opportunities to the communities that are best prepared to succeed. 

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Learning From Shared Heritage

Before Spaniards ever arrived in Central America, the ancient Maya civilization was already one of the most complex and sophisticated of the ancient world. Highly skilled in mathematics, astronomy, architecture, art, irrigation and agriculture, Mayan networks of city states existed for hundreds of years and have rich lessons for our modern world.

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