The Problem

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Only 40% of children will finish primary school

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One third of all Guatemalans are illiterate

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49% of children are chronically malnourished

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Half the population lives on less than $1.90 a day

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Average indigenous Guatemalan girl stays in school for 1.8 years.

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Over 3 million lack access to clean water

Bridging the gap

We are one of the only nonprofit foundations offering an education in Guatemala that competes with top elite private schools. This offering and our partnerships with colleges in the United States helps our graduates secure better paying opportunities.

• Best education in the country at a fraction of the cost
• We rank in the 95th percentile of all schools in the country
• Our program includes a healthy nutrient packed daily lunch
• We offer water purification systems to our students in need
• 97% of our students pursue a college career.

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Make a difference today

In a developing country like Guatemala, education can change everything.

One third of all Guatemalans are illiterate, which means access to an education, equals better opportunities, which means better income and eventually better health – especially for women and kids.

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