Investing in our future

The right educational environment can impact the way people see the world. It has the power to break the poverty cycle by inspiring a mind to see beyond limitations and empowering them to keep reaching for a world beyond imagination.

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More than education

Students who complete our program leave ready to lead.

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The Challenge

Poverty rates in rural Guatemala exceed 70%. We can't overcome oppression, until the oppressed can be in a place of influence.

The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed
- Steven Biko


One third of all Guatemalans are illiterate.

Poor Malnutrition

8 out of 10 indigenous children have chronic malnutrition.

No Education

Only four out of ten children will finish primary school.

Teachers Matter

Our teachers are our lifeline. We are fortunate to have teachers who are passionate, committed, and excited about nurturing our future leaders. Our Meso teachers are one of a kind, and we are grateful for them.

Raising Leaders

We believe that real change starts at the grass root level in our communities. We are committed to raising future leaders who will be able to make a difference in their communities. Children enter our program as students, and they leave as leaders.

Beyond the Classroom

The current education system isn't able to keep up with our children today, and before long it won't be able to prepare them for tomorrow. We are building the school of our dreams, a school where kids can learn, and play the way they should.